More rain needed for city’s water/power

More rain is needed to boost the deleted reservoir of water at the Sirinumu dam near Port Moresby.

December has brought rain to Central Province and Port Moresby but a good supply is needed to help the only source of water and hydro-electricity for the city.   

“It depends on how long the rain will take to come. Naturally when you look at the ground condition there are so many cracks  in the ground and if the rain comes in the first and second day, you will not expect any fill up in the dam,” said John Yanis, PNG Power acting chief executive officer.

The water level as of last week stood  at 114 million cubic metres, 34 percent of the dam’s capacity when full.

The PNG Weather Office has confirmed that the wet season has arrived in Port Moresby.   

Weatherman Jimmy Gomoga says that as forecasted, the current wet season will be much lower in terms of rainfall compared to the same time last year.

Caption: The water mark at Sirinumu dam, picture taken on 10 December, 2015.

Charles Yapumi