More judges needed for courts

More Judges are needed to dispose of the growing volume of cases in both National and Supreme Court says Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Sir Salamo said currently there are 36 permanent judges and four acting judges. This does not include himself and the Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

“We obviously need more judges to dispose of the growing volume of cases,” Sir Salamo said. 

At 36 permanent judges, they have another six more permanent judges to appoint.

“The idle number is between 60 to 80 judges but we are going by the current ceiling which is 40 and we are close to reaching that,” he said.

Of the 40 Judges, only 14 are based in Waigani while the rest are based in the provinces.

The appointment of new Judges, Justice Robert Lee Lindsay and Justice William Neil now brings the total number of permanent judges to 36 with four acting judges.

Sally Pokiton