More judges appointed

Five more judges have been appointed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission to serve at the National and Supreme Courts.

The appointment of the five acting judges will bring the total number of judges to 43.

The five  new judges will be officially sworn into office at a later date.

The appointment of the five acting judges was announced by the Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission and Minister for Justice and Attorney General Ano Pala following a meeting last month.

This will help strengthen the judiciary’s capacity in dealing with the backlog of cases pending before the courts, especially those criminal cases.

It will also enable the National Court expand its operations to the provinces by placing sufficient judges in the provinces to conduct court circuits and sittings.

Justice Terence Higgins who is a current judge was also re-appointed. His term expired on September 13. He will now serve till he reaches the compulsory retirement age of 60.

Justice Higgins since appointed as a full time judge of the Supreme and National Court on December 19, 2014 has chaired a number of leadership tribunal investigations since.

Those who have been appointed as acting judges for a period of 12 months includes senior practicing lawyers  and a Lands Magistrate from the Magisterial Services, Mark Marai Pupaka.

Mark Marai Pupaka from Enga province has had over 25 years of experience as a magistrate at the Magisterial Services.

He was the Deputy Chief Magistrate (Lands) at the time of his appointment. 

Senior practicing counsels who were appointed acting judge include Ravunama Auka, Daniel Yale Liosi, Danajo Douglas Salee Koeget and Thomas Anis

Ravunama Auka has had over 32 years of experience in criminal law with the office of the Public Prosecutor. He comes from Abau in the Central province and was Deputy Public Prosecutor when he was appointed an acting judge.

Daniel Yale Liosi hails from Milne Bay province. He has over 31 years of experience and was the principal lawyer in his lawfirm Liosi lawyers at the time of his appointment.

Danajo Douglas Salee Koeget from Western Province has practiced law for over 36 years, amongst these he spent 24 years with the office of the Public Solicitors and was Acting Public Solicitor at one point.

He was the principal of his lawfirm, Koeget lawyers at the time of his appointment.

Thomas Anis from Jiwaka province practiced law for over 18 years. He was a senior lawyer with Bradshaw lawyers at his appointment.



Sally Pokiton