More than 40 students paint themselves in red earth to signify mourning

More than 40 UPNG students have painted themselves in red earth and are walking around the main Waigani campus.

“This is to show that we are still in a haus krai. We are not in the mood to attend classes,” student leader Christopher Kipalan announced to those on campus.

 “Pasin Melanesia na mipla peintim pes na kam,” he said. “This is a sign of respect to our fellow students who are still on the sick bed,” another student said.

 “We are not here to destroy anything. We want the administration to understand our plight and not force us to go to class.”

The line of students is increasing as they are making their way around campus to the Forum Square. Classes were supposed to start today but only a handful of students can be seen on the ground.

There have been no commotion on the campus since yesterday.

Carmella Gware