Mixed men’s netball into tough round of games

The inaugural mixed men’s netball competition in Port Moresby continues to reach highs as they approach Round 8 this evening.

Last week’s results were pleasing as many Papua New Guinean men showed great enthusiasm in the competition. It is a popular team sport for women, but after round 7 of the games, men are catching on the show.

''You will be surprise with how much momentum the men's game has picked up after the recent round games.''

Tonight the Rita Flynn courts in Port Moresby will heat up again as teams advance into playing their round 8 games when the men will show it all when they hit the courts.

Round 8 will kick off with Kamuna in the Premier Mixed Division taking on Mari Pasifika; BB Kings will play Veupunama 1 whilst Mona is on Bye.

NSL will play Lasi 1, Ripa Rala will take on Veupunama 2 while BSP (1) will challenge PNGFP and BSP (2) will go up against Matrix and in the Social B division PNG Construction will go head to head with HHL / CPL, Aura Netters will go on a showdown with PNG Hardware’s, Lasi (2) will vie against Grafitti and PNG Hardware will play APVG.

Lamech Jinimbo