Missing of important documents a concern, says Chuave MP

Chuave MP Wera Mori says the district was unable to submit the 2015 District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) acquittal reports on time due to the theft of important documents kept within the district treasury.

The Chuave district had submitted acquittal reports of only K3 million of their spending and could not produce the remaining more than K6 million because of the loss of documents to criminals.

Mori revealed this during the presentation of his 2015 DSIP acquittal reports to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) this week.

“It is embarrassing to submit our reports late, as normally the Chuave in the Chimbu province was the first district in the Highlands region to submit their financial reports to DIRD as part of compliance, due to the fact that criminals had illegally broke and entered into our treasury office and removed all documents and files, it is contaminated now and we never retrieved,” Mori said.

He said for the last three years the Chuave district has achieved a lot in terms of basic government services implemented through the DSIP. 

“We have built multi-million state of the heart building for the Yawe Moses Secondary School dormitory and classrooms. We have built several roads, bridges, health centres, subsidized school fees, funded SMEs and other sectors,” he said.    

MP Mori said DSIP program was seen as the overarching financial input for service delivery both socially and economically for Chuave district in Chimbu Province.

Mori said that all funds must be controlled at the ground level to ensure DSIP funds must be used wisely for effective service delivery.

“Therefore, we have done many road projects, schools and Chuave hospital infrastructures. More attentions have been given to road infrastructure developments meaning some of the funds from other sectors were shifted to these. This opens economic corridors for rural communities where formal and informal business transactions can take place to improve living standards,” he said.

He said selected small-medium businesses were provided assistance or empowered via SME program in 2014 and continues in 2015 thus creating wealth for their people and providing peace and harmony in the district by strengthening and funding law enforcing agents.

“We want to ensure all basic government services were restored and our people to have some level of comfort in their rural communities. Improve all existing and new roads or bridges conditions for easy accessibility for all road users where this can open economic corridor for our people in the rural settings,” he said.


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