Misappropriation case against Kila-Pat dismissed

A misappropriation case against former Department of Lands and Physical Planning Secretary Romilly Kila-Pat and two others has been dismissed by the Waigani National Court.

The case was listed for a trial to commence today (Nov 7) before Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika however the State said it will not prosecute the matter as it does not have enough evidence against Kila-Pat and his two co-accused; Simeon Andrew and Vavine Walo.

Andrew was the Department of Lands and Physical Planning’s Corporate Director while Walo was the Manager of Finance and Budget when they were arrested last year and charged with Kila-Pat for misappropriation.

Sir Gibbs in ordering a dismissal of their case said their bail monies of K2,000 each will also be refunded to them.

Speaking to the media after court today, Kila-Pat said he respects the decision of the court and wants to move on in life.

“It’s been a long one-year-two-month that I have been in and out of the court room and I’m glad that it’s all over now. Whatever that has happened, I respect the institutions of government and the decisions that they have taken to bring me this far so I respect those decisions and I just want to move on in life,” Kila-Pat said.

On July 20 this year, the three were committed by the Waigani District Court to stand trial after it ruled they had enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial in the National Court.

They were arrested on November 5 and 7 last year and charged with one count of conspiracy and one count of misappropriation under the Criminal Code act.

It was alleged that the trio, between October 14 and Sept 27 last year, conspired within the Lands Department to dishonestly apply to their own use the sum of K208, 569.70 that belonged to a Land Registration Reform Trust Account.


Sally Pokiton