Mioks edge out Gurias in round 12

Enga Mioks put up a heartless performance to edge out Agmark Rabaul Gurias 12-8 in the Enga capital of Wabag as the Digicel Cup moved into its round 12 yesterday.

The win pushed the Engans effectively to third place with 17 points on the Digicel Cup points ladder as the premier team fell back to fourth position with 16 points.


Mt Hagen Eagles maintained the second position with 19 points after beating Waghi Tumbe 16-4 in Minz while Lae Snax Tigers maintain the top position with 21 points. This was after collecting two free points for a bye yesterday.

Tumbes moved back to the 5th position with 13 points while Hela Wigmen moved one spot up the ladder to 12 points (from 11 previously) after a 14-14 draw with Simbu Lions.

The game was described by many, including Agmark Rabaul Gurias’ franchise owner John Ningtale, as “tough and the best”. It saw Mioks’ inside centre Tautau Junior opening the scoreboard with a try two minutes into the field after picking up a well-timed pass from five-eighth Philemon Taim to score on the far right.

They took an early 4-0 lead after their half back Garry James failed to collect the extras.

The men from the Gazelle Peninsula condensed any pressure that the home team tried to continue to impose with a successful penalty kick by Elipas Pidik to trail 2-4 after 15 minutes had gone in the first half.

The visitors came quickly to equalise the score 4-4 on the 30th minute after Pidik successfully collected a two pointer from another penalty for a high shot.

This time, with the home crowd yelling for points, the showdown saw block busting forwards from both sides try every trick they had to make advances. This went on until the Gurias found a way through their right wing Lukas Kapinias to score at the far left.  

The visitors, despite failing to collect the extras, led an 8-4 lead on the 25th minute.

Mioks’ hard running forward Kingston Paul fended off a number of defenders to score on the right after 39 minutes had gone. Both teams were equal on 8-8 after James failed again to collect the two points.

The second half saw the home team, led by forwards Lorie Keith, Rex Yallon, Kingston Paul, Max Leme and Junior Kennedy, put up a brick wall defence against the fast ball running Gurias to shut all opportunities the visitors had to score.

It was on the 65th minute when Yallon picked up a pass from Taim and ran 15 metres across to set up left winger Joe McKay for a touchdown.

The home side took a 12-8 lead after Taim, who took over kicking duty from James, failed to collect the extras.

The final 10 minutes was a born cracking affair for the two teams as they threw anything they had to convert opportunities to scores but the home team had the final say after holding the visitors in defence right to the end.


Philip Kepson