Mioks chairman Kepson initiates sponsorship for players

The Digicel Cup match minor semi-finals match between Enga Mioks and the Mt Hagen Eagles will see individual and group sponsors coming on board.

Mioks Chairman Philip Kepson in a message to the public says the initiative to involve sponsors is something new and aims to boost teams taking part.

“We have the following minor sponsorships for any individual or group to take up for this weekends minor semi final match between our own team Enga Mioks and Mt Hagen Eagles.

Each sponsored player will be paid full if they (the team) win. However, if they lose they will be paid only half the amount of the sponsorship. 

Kepson said there are eight different categories which  individuals or groups can sponsor; 

They are: 

Man of the match; 2. First Try Scorer; 3. Best Back; 4. Best Forward; 5. Best Attacker; 6. Crowd favourite; 7. Most thinking players of the match; 8.  From jumpers numbers 1-18.

Any person/group can sponsor any of the jersey/players with any amount. 

As soon as the message was relayed to the public, Enga’s Provincial Police Commander Superintendent George Kakas took our the man of the match sponsor with K400. This was followed by Sam Lokaly who has committed K200 to the player who scores the first try of the game. 

Deputy Provincial Administrator Tsandis Tsaka who entered as a private citizen has also chipped in K100 for the ‘Best Defender’ overall in the match. 

However, owner of Pinzand Trading Ltd is late this afternoon made a commitment of K500 each for both the Mioks Trainer and the Coach for the win and 50% of that if the boys don’t win. 

Chairman Kepson thanks the individuals and  and one business group for supporting the initiative saying it was good for the team and for the game overall. He added however there were a few more positions needing sponsors, but I am sure they will be filled shortly.” 

The match  between the Enga Mioks and the Mt Hagen Eagles will be played in Lae. 

Picture: Enga Mioks in a match against Agmark Gurias in one of their Digicel Cup competition

Alfred Kaniniba