A millennial stops giving excuses and gets what she wants

Sarah Kunst is a Forbes Under 30 who should be in her 50s based on everything she’s accomplished.

She’s an investor, a philanthropist, a writer and an entrepreneur. Her latest venture is Proday, a fitness app for busy people looking to spice up their lives and start working out with fitness celebrities and world-renowned athletes.

Sarah says she’s “A double minority, a black woman operating in the tech world.” But Sarah conquers that bias by finding ways to be “unimpeachably good” and not letting lame excuses get in her way of what she wants to do with her life. This is Sarah’s Mentoring Moment:

Midway through a self-pitying rendition of “100 reasons why I can’t do what I want to do with my life”, a friend stopped me cold with some true, and hard, words: “Your excuses suck.” He was right and I was offended.

But over the following years those words came back to me again and again. So often I’d tell myself that I was too busy for the gym or too tired to meet a deadline or couldn’t possibly apply for a dream job because the interview process was too long. We all tell ourselves these things, these stories that are often as elaborate as they are false.

There are many external obstacles in life and many times we really CAN’T do something. But if physics aren’t at play, are we really as stuck as we think we are? For those of us reading this article, we have at very least eyes that can see, internet that connects, the ability to read and the knowledge and motivation to search out this advice. We are hashtag blessed.

 Approach life with the belief that your excuses suck and whittle them away until you confront what’s really holding you back. It’s the best way to move forward.