Miley Cyrus breaks down over the US election result

Miley Cyrus is so upset about the result of the US election that she has broken down in a video posted on Twitter.

The singer starts crying about the fact that Hillary Clinton lost.

Despite the polls predicting a Democrat win, Republican Donald Trump will now become 45th US president.

Between sobs, Miley urges him to "treat people with love and treat people with compassion".

"I've been very vocal about my support for everyone - except Donald Trump", she tells the camera.

"[I] Heavily supported Bernie, [I] Heavily supported Hillary.

"And that's what makes me so sad. I just wish she had that opportunity because she's fought for so long and because I believe her when she says that she loves this country.

"This is all she's ever done. She's given her life to make [America] better."

Miley initially supported Democrat Bernie Sanders, but switched to Hillary Clinton after she won in the primaries.

In the video Miley references the charity she runs, the Happy Hippie Foundation.

It campaigns about homelessness and LGBTQ issues among young people.

"[As] happy hippies we adjust and we accept everyone [for] who they are," she explains.

"So, Donald Trump, I accept you.

"And this hurts to say but I even accept you as president of the United States and that's fine.

"Now I want to be a hopeful hippie and I want to be hopeful."

She goes on to thank outgoing president Barack Obama for everything he's done over the past eight years.

But the biggest tears are saved for the end of the two minute clip - where she puts out a plea to Donald Trump.

"Please just treat people with love and treat people with compassion and treat people with respect and I will do the same for you.

"Anything you ever want to talk about or understand... please if you want to open your mind and open your heart I would love to give you the key."

She ends by thanking Hillary "for inspiring all of us."

Miley's not the only celebrity to have weighed in since the result.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, James Corden and J.K. Rowling have all had their say too.