Micah application returns

The Supreme Court stay application for interim orders sought by SOE minister and Kavieng member Ben Micah returned to court yesterday.

The case resumed for Micah’s lawyers Mal Varitimos (QC) and Nelson Saroa and state lawyer Asher Chillion who is also representing the Ombudsman Commission to make further submission.

The matter was adjourned by single sitting Supreme Court Judge Justice Collin Makail.

This comes after Micah went before the highest court seeking a stay order against the Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin acting on his referral by the Ombudsman Commission.

Following the parties’ submissions two weeks ago, Justice Makail requested further submissions and case laws to be submitted before his court to show if he has the jurisdiction to rule on such application whilst sitting as a single Supreme Court judge.

Justice Makail’s call for futher submissions last week Thursday comes after he previously dealt with a similar matter where he granted a stay that was later dismissed.

Parties in the matter met  on Wednesday this week before Makail for directions hearings and informed the court that further submissions had been filed and served to each other.

They made submissions today while the substantive matter at hand, the stay application will return before Makail on July 3.