Meninga: PNG did extremely well

Coach of the Australian PM's XIII, Mal Meninga says the future of rugby league in PNG is still pretty bright.

Speaking after Saturday's game, Meninga commended the efforts of the NGCB PNG PM's XIII.

"I thought the effort tonight from PNG was really spirited.

"They had great attitude playing against one of the best teams in the world.

"Considering the players Michael had at his helm, I thought PNG did extemely well,"I think the future of rugby league in PNG is pretty bright" said Meninga.

He added there were a lot of good perfromances from theĀ  PNG players.

"I think you unearthed a couple stars from tonight. The halfback was really good and Justin Olam was fantastic," said Meninga.

Meninga finished by saying it was going to be tough to select his final squad for the upcoming Four Nations.

"We came here with a purpose. We came here to use the this as a legitimate trial match for selections into the Four Nations and the World Cup.

"We came here with a lot of intent. There was a lot on the line for us from a motivational point of view.

"We didn't have a bad player tonight to be honest. We turned the ball over a bit but our defence was still outstanding which freed up our backs to score once the PNG boys started to tire," said Meninga.

Troy Taule