Meetings to benefit PNG: Pato

Responsible and sustainable management of oceans, and climate change mitigation are two key outcomes from the recent participation of PNG in two key meetings in the United States of America.

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Rimbink Pato, says PNG will immensely benefit from the meetings he and his delegation attended.

 In a media conference today, Pato expressed satisfaction on the outcome of the Pacific Day Seminar on September 14, and the 3rd Our Oceans Conference in Washington DC, from September 15th – 16th .

Attended by over 163 countries, Pato says PNG will benefit immensely, with strong commitments from member countries to protect the ocean through technological innovation, ocean conservation and sustainable use.

“One of the issues is the harmful subsidies which have an impact on the management and protection of fisheries in the pacific island developing states,” said Pato.“These harmful subsidies were increasing the impact on over capacity, illegal, unregulated, and unlicensed fishing both in territorial as well as exclusive economic zones of small island developing states.”


Pato added that the United States is committed to launch negotiations for an international agreement prohibiting harmful fisheries subsidies.

Another issue raised was that of climate change during the United Nations General Meeting in New York.

It was mentioned that Pacific Island economies were very fragile and climate change disasters can destroy a significant component of their GDP.

Pato made reference the recent disasters in Fiji, Samoa, and Vanuatu and called for international support.

“PNG encouraged the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF that we must ensure that all development institutions understand the special circumstances affecting the  region as a result of climate change and can provide the necessary support and assistance that is required,” he said.

PNG will work with the US to address climate change issues following the US ratification of the Paris Agreement.

Other issues raised during the UN General Assembly meeting was the condemnation of North Korea’s fifth Nuclear Test.

Papua New Guinea also held bi-lateral and multi-lateral talks with several countries.

They include Japan, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, Sinagapore, and South Korea, among others.






Cedric Patjole