Marus assures resumption of 2016 academic programs for universities

Newly-appointed Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Francis Marus, has reassured the resumption of the 2016 academic programs for universities in the country.

After receiving the ministerial portfolio today from outgoing Minister Malakai Tabar, Marus said he expects immediate commencement of classes at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), University of Goroka (UOG) and PNG University of Technology (Unitech).

Marus expects the commencement of inclusive reconciliation strategy for all staff, students and management before classes begin and for Churches to be involved in the reconciliation process.

He said all legal cases between parties must be assessed in favour of agreement on a way forward.

He stressed that the Government Tertiary Education Scholarship Support (TESAS) must be restored to all scholarship holders.

Marus called on the Governors and Members of Parliament to return their students back to universities at their own cost.

He urged students not to engage in any more illegal boycotts and no more offensive weapons be brought onto campus grounds.

“I’m happy that the vice chancellors and chancellors under their managements have come forward to make sure that this academic year is resurrected and our children are back in school.

“It’s a relief for the students and parents who have been anxiously waiting to hear what the government has in terms of the students’ education,” Marus said. 

UOG will commence classes early this month, Unitech will resume classes at the end of August and UPNG will begin the 2017 academic year in September 2016.

Marus added that outsiders and terminated or excluded students will not be allowed to enter and live illegally on campuses.

He confirmed that the curfew will be maintained on campuses until normalcy is restored.

Quintina Naime