Marum: The better team on the day won

SP Hunters coach, Michael Marum has put it simply that the better team on the day won yesterday’s elimination final.

Speaking at a press conference after yesterday’s 18-12 loss to the Sunshine Coast Falcons, Marum put it down to ball handling errors and failing to complete sets.

“We prepared well all week but like I said, the better team on the day won.

“In saying that, we probably had too much confidence after last weekend’s game. During the week, one or two players kept falling offline and we had to pull them back in.

“But that’s football, there’s one winner and one loser, so congratulations to the Falcons and all the best this week in Townsville,” said Marum.

Marum added that the Hunters were up against a much bigger side which was expected compared to the previous weekend.

 “We didn’t complete our sets and forced too many errors in our own half. That took the pressure off them.

“There’s a lot of things we need to work on again. We’ll go for a break and come back ready for next season.


Troy Taule