Marianville girls kick off sports carnival with Games Relay

The girls of Marianville Secondary School began their two day sports carnival with the Oil Search Pacific Games Relay.

Over 500 students circled around the sports oval in their house colours of blue, yellow, blue and green.

Each girl had the chance to touch the baton and cheered with delight as they did so.

Teacher Elsie Obara said the Relay is a historical event and it’s rewarding that the Relay coincides with their sports carnival.

She said they are proud to be part of the Relay and are looking forward to the Games in nine days time.

Before the baton visited Marianville, the students of Laloki ran the baton a half mile from their school to Nature Park.

It then visited the Orchid Sanctuary, and then travelled to the Institute of Business Campus at 11 mile before retiring for the day.