Man finds mutilated body parts in bag

The body of a woman was found to be mutilated, packed inside a bag and dumped a few kilometres outside of Goroko Town, Eastern Highlands Province, last week.

Eastern Highlands police say a man, who was walking towards the Bihute Correctional Institute, stumbled upon the bag which was tightly tied at the top.

The stench led him towards the bag that when he attempted to open it, he caught sight of body parts cut up to fitted into the bag.

The police were alerted and a CID homicide team began investigations, which led to the arrest of a man.

Investigations are still continuing as more suspects are yet to be turned in by the people living in the area.

Provincial police commander Superintendent Alex N’Drasal has appealed to the people in Eastern Highlands that if they suspect anyone of sorcery, they should first consult the police. The officers will deal with it in a humane manner.

The killing of the woman was the doing of ignorant people who had no respect for human life, he stated.

N’Drasal says this is not the first time but it has been the first in a long while that such incidents have come to the attention of the police.

The people of Eastern Highlands have been warned and anyone caught in the act of taking another man’s life will be dealt with under the law.

Annette Kora