Man convicted for manslaughter

A man from inland Rigo in the Central province was found guilty of manslaughter today after the National Court in its view said he was responsible for the death of another man he was related to.

Russell Simoi Yahena was convicted by the court today for the lesser homicide offense of manslaughter after he stood trial for the charge of murder.

Yahena’s lawyer on Wednesday made a submission in court that he had no case to answer to after  the State had closed its case. The court ruled otherwise this morning and the trial continued.

 He stood trial in court over the murder of a relative who came to the aid his wife during a domestic argument on Sept 8, 2010. Yahena had an argument with his wife over food at their family home  at Eight Mile after he returned home drunk.

The man died three days later in hospital after he sustained a fractured skull from the fight.

State alleged that Yahena swung a table at the head of the deceased as he came in between an argument over food he had with his wife then.

The court found that there is a vacancy in evidence of what cause of action he did to the deceased that night. It also found he had no intension to hurt the deceased but his wife.

He remains in custody at Bomana while waiting his penalty sentence.



Sally Pokiton