Major projects in store WNB

Governor of West New Britain Sasindran Muthuvel is adamant to change the province in years to come.

Muthuvel said WNB is in his heart despite criticisms and will continue to bring services to the rural areas.

He said major projects will be taking place after the visit by delegates from IFC, World Bank and Asia Development Bank to the province recently.

“One of the major project was the awarding of a contract to a leading Japanese firm to build Aum and Kapiura bridges  at a massive cost of K84m by JICA,” says Muthuvel

He clarified that these funds are not loans but grants.

“Another good news is JICA sending a team to asses Pandi River Bridge and Toriu Bridge along the New Britain Highway.”

Muthuvel added that ADB will also help to study the challenging Tiauru and Ivule bridges.

These bridges are always destroyed by flood during rainy periods.

They are also the only bridges that connect the main highway link from Kimbe to Bialla.

Freddy Mou