Major flaws in project results in stop work in Oro

Governor for Oro Garry Juffa has insisted on a stop work on one of his projects after inspecting the project and finding flaws that raise questions of credibility.

He told Loop PNG via email that he has demanded the Building Board to conduct a thorough inspection to the project and to ensure all requirements were complied with in the use of materials and scope.

"We are custodians of public funds. Ultimately the buck stops with me. In this instance I am not satisfied that the contractor has met our requirements.

“The work is of a substandard degree and the materials used are low quality and poor. The company was selected through the PSTB process and awarded the job but they appear to have ignored quality control.

“They are now put on notice and given an opportunity to rectify this situation. Failure to adhere will result in pecuniary actions."

Juffa has also inspected several projects in the province with his Project Management Team and Works and expressed satisfaction that most were progressing well and would be assets for the people of Oro.

Juffa stated that most PSIP funded projects had been stalled due to poor procurement processes in place but since that has been rectified projects were now expected to be delivered in a timely manner for the people of Oro.

Freddy Mou