Maipakai slams Engan leaders for lack of support

Kikori MP Mark Maipakai has taken a swipe at Engan leaders for not rallying behind their fellow wantok, Opposition Leader Don Polye.

Maipakai criticised them for not supporting Polye when he tried to form the government twice; the first was during the vote of no-confidence in July and the second was after the last election.

“Despite our age difference, I am loyal to him because he is honest, transparent and a highly qualified leader,” Maipakai told a huge crowd at Porgera, in Enga, last Saturday.

Triumph Heritage Empowerment, he says, recorded a victory of fifteen seats, the second largest coalition party, in the last election. If the Engan leaders had sided with Polye, he would have been the Prime Minister.

“The law is clear that a political party, which wins the majority of the seats, has to muster 56 MPs.

“If it doesn’t do so, the one which consolidated the majority of MPs can form the next government,” explained Maipakai.

(From left: Kikori MP Mark Maipakai, Opposition Leader Don Polye and Lagaip-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape during a recent visit to Enga.)

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