Magisterial services allocated K38 million

The Magisterial Services like other government departments and agencies must reassess its priorities and attempt to live within its means and what is allocated annually through the budget process.

As many departments and government agencies are apprehensive about the cuts to their recurrent or day to day budgets for 2016, the Magisterial Services will have to work with an allocated K38 million in 2016.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Ano Pala in a statement, said from a requested budget of about K48 million in 2016, the Magisterial Services was only allocated K38 million, a shortfall of about K12 million.

He also said funding budget for development has also not been allocated for the MS for the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 budgets.

Despite not having development funding budget, the Government has, through District Support Service Improvement Program funds assisted in building court infrastructures in Pangia in Southern Highlands and Yangoru in East Sepik provinces.

Sally Pokiton