Lupari urges for collaboration amongst stakeholders

Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari has given directions for all government departments and agencies to continue to work with the private sector towards the successful staging of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup next month.

He issued the directions when speaking at an “All of Government” meeting this week attended by State agencies involved directly with the planning of the tournament.

Lupari said the staging of the tournament costs about K65million and that is hard earned money from Papua New Guineans that will go in a useful and purposeful investment.

He said this is not only in terms of infrastructure but also in providing employment opportunities across PNG.

Lupari took the opportunity to challenge critics of the U-20 Women’s World Cup to stop criticising and come together as one nation and one people to support this great event that will taking place next month.

“We need to be proud. We’ve proven over and over again many times that PNG is capable of hosting such events. We’ve done it successfully in many other events, one being the Pacific Games which was overwhelmingly a success story,” said Lupari.

Lupari said the World Cup is a major event that the government has undertaken and there is no better way of promoting PNG then through the tournament where 100 countries with over 140 million viewers will be watching.

“We’re spending K65 million, but just imagine the economic benefit that will come from it, it will pay its dividend and we will start seeing more tourists coming into the country. These are benefits that we will get from it,” said Lupari.

Lupari called on the people that continue to criticise to rally behind the tournament because it will show case Papua New Guinea.

“I know there are many critics that continue to undermine the people that are working behind the scenes. They think that Papua New Guinea is not capable of delivering but I have no doubt and I am full of confidence that we will deliver the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

“We often think that it’s easy to organise and put up infrastructure organise people and get things done. Instead of criticising we need to sit back and give credit where it’s due.

“Don’t play ourselves down, the world will be watching us so let’s come together as one nation, as one people to support this great event that will taking place this year,” said Lupari.

On the same note, the Sports Foundation Infrastructure team assured the delegation that the venues will be ready in time for the event with the first game scheduled for 4pm on November 13.


Troy Taule