Lupari is Chief Secretary

The National Executive Council has appointed Isaac Lupari as the new Chief Secretary to government.

Prime Minister Peter ONeill made the announcement today.

He said Lupari has the experience and capability needed to guide Government in the face of a challenging global environment, and to advance reforms implemented by outgoing Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc.

The Chief Secretary to Government is the most important position in our public service, and Ambassador Lupari will be instrumental in taking the government to the next level in a changing global economy, ONeill says.

Lupari currently serves as the Chief of Staff of the Office of Prime Minister and is a previous Chief Secretary.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure the ongoing delivery of services to our people, and Ambassador Luparis appointment will serve the nation in that capacity.

ONeill also thanked outgoing Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, for his leadership of the public service in Papua New Guinea and for the people of Morobe.

ONeill praised Sir Manasupe for his outstanding work and says such leaders are rare.


(Loop File picture. Lupari is also the Chairman of the Telikom National Soccer league Board.)

Joy Kisselpar