Loop PNG records another resounding 2.3 million viewers

Loop PNG continues to advance in PNG’s digital market with another resounding result recorded at the end of May.

Google Analytics, the world’s most renowned tool for tracking and reporting website traffic, recorded over 2.3 million page views to the Loop PNG site over the month of May alone. A massive growth of +70% from April 2016, making Loop PNG the largest provider of online news content in Papua New Guinea.

Loop PNG News Director Alfred Kaniniba said Loop PNG continues to break stories on a regular basis across all its categories, which are published on the site as the news is happening.

“Because it is breaking news, we are now finding that more viewers are accessing the Loop site to read about the latest and to stay informed about what is happening locally and abroad,” he said.

He added that Loop PNG was now creating a niche where people who want to read about the latest news were compelled to “switch over” to the Loop.

“Most viewers are finding out they can read today’s news today. They don’t have to wait for tomorrow to read today’s news. All you have to do is switch on your Digicel phone and it’s there at your fingertips,” Kaniniba said.

He said it was indeed refreshing and exciting to see changes taking place in a new media format which is now reaching out to everyone.

“People are now given the opportunity to consume news at the ‘tip of your finger’ anytime of the night or during the day,” Kaniniba said.

The news director gave credit to Trend Media, which is the management for leading the way in strengthening the Loop and also to his staff for continuing to achieve targets over the past five months under his leadership.

In fact, this is the fifth month in a row in 2016 that Loop PNG has recorded more than one million viewers visiting the Loop site, showing that our online news service continues to grow and expand throughout the PNG and the region.

January 31 saw Loop PNG record 1,063,859 page views to the site. At the end of February, which was a short month, Loop PNG recorded 1,065,437 page views. On March 31, Loop PNG recorded 1,173,291 despite continuous power disruptions. In April 1,354,268 viewed the site while last month the Loop site saw a resounding result.

It also means we have to keep delivering a fair, factual and timely product on a daily basis, 24/7, said the news director.

You can be part of this exciting action by downloading the free Loop PNG app and be one of the million to be first with the news.

Papua New Guinea’s  leader in online news, PNG Loop continues to grow

Meanwhile, Head of Trend Media Pacific Maria Scannell said: “On May 2, 2016, Trend Media Pacific launched a centralised, platform-neutral news desk, known as the ‘News Hub’, in Papua New Guinea.

“This forms part of an overall consolidation and restructure of our editorial teams, and is the Pacific’s first cross-functional newsroom, serving both Loop and TVWAN news content, all operating from the one floor.

“The News Hub will oversee the operations and provide shared services across five markets (Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu & Nauru).”

“Our newsroom is now equipped with the most talented team of reporters in the country and is the go-to place for the most credible, up-to-date news content, from your mobile phone or on your Digicel Play box set,” Scannell said.

She added that the centralised news desk is a replica of Independent News & Media’s “The Eye” model, a world class leading newsroom based in Ireland.

Loop is zero-rated in Papua New Guinea for all Digicel customers which means there are no data charges for visiting the website.

Staff Reporter