Local scientist concern about the quality of water

A local Scientist participating in the drought assessment on Rambutso Island in Manus is concerned about the quality of water people are drinking.

The people are mostly using water holes in the bush that don't usually dry up quick.

David Putulan, a Biologists by training LOOP PNG correspondent said there is evidence of contaminants but people are still using the water, mainly for cooking.

"The bright green water surface suggests the heavy presence of cyanobacteria or algae. Eutrophication is taking place as a result of detergents leaking back into the water from women doing laundry", he said.

"When Eutrophication takes place, water quality is significantly reduced. The water is being renewed by the water table but it is not running water so there is overload of nutrients. The people should stop using it immediately," he added.

Health Extension officer at the local health centre, Ponau Salaiau also said there have been few incidence of stomach aches from drinking contaminated water.

"Should there be an increase in these incidence, there will be a need to test water samples", Salaiau said.

David Putulan