Liquor ban in SHP a disaster, says councillor Kundi

The current liquor ban in the Southern Highlands province has resulted in dramatic surge in substance abuse, widespread home brew production and smuggling of alcoholic products into the province, a local level government president has claimed.

President of Lower Mendi LLG, Peter Kundi has called for the immediate lifting of the ban to prevent further deterioration in the state of affairs.

Kundi said the liquor ban, imposed several years ago has done more damage than good, directly impacting negatively on many families, communities and the province as a whole.

He said evidence of this include widespread production and consumption of cheap home brew and dangerous drug marijuana openly along roadsides and in public places.

Kundi noted that there are several spots right in Mendi town where smuggled beer and spirits are sold at doubled and tripled the normal retail prices.

“Since consumers cannot afford the high prices they resort to fire wara (home brew) and marijuana which are causing more irreparable health related and social problems.

“The liquor ban has been a complete failure and has created more social problems and criminal acts than an imaginary peaceful, orderly and crime-free Southern Highlands,” he stressed.

Kundi suggested that the liquor ban should be lifted immediately and State law enforcing agencies equipped well with logistics to combat widespread production, distribution and consumption of home brew and marijuana.

Henzy Yakam