Lihir islands urged to report marijuana cultivators

Lihir police have called on people, living on the island and surrounding communities, to assist by reporting those involved in cultivating marijuana.

Lihir Police Station Commander Senior Inspector Elizah Taksir made the call following information to police of people engaging in these illegal activities.

Taskir says the police will be keeping a look out for those cultivating marijuana and despite the fact that the police on Lihir had limited resources, they will still monitor these illegal activities and arrest those involved.

Takir was speaking following recent jailing of a man who was charged with cultivating marijuana, adding that they will be conducting awareness programs in communities about cultivating of marijuana.

Toby Kabarol, age 29, from Lakurumau Village near Kavieng, was arrested and charged after he was caught cultivating marijuana on a piece of land at Kunaye Village near Lihir Secondary School.

The plants were reported by owner of the land to  police who went into the area and uprooted the marijuana plants. The suspect escaped but was later recaptured resulting in his arrest.

He has appeared at the Lihir district court recently and was sentenced to one-year imprisonment with hard labour.

Annette Kora