Lae police intercept armed gang

Lae police apprehended six armed suspects today while one escaped.

The suspects were armed and travelling along the Cassowary Road when they were intercepted by a Rural CID Unit.

Lae Metropolitan Police Commander says that the unit tried to stop the Dark Blue Land Cruiser the  men were in but they sped into Admin Compound.

One of the man sitting off-side the driver came out of the car but managed to escape by swimming across the Bumbu river.

The other six suspect were shot by police after as they tried to escape on foot.

Among the men caught, was a known prime suspect wanted for a robbery that took place last year at a local motel in Lae as well as a string of other robberies.

Wagambie says  the gang were on route to carry out a robbery when they were intercepted by police.

Police recovered four homemade guns, live ammunition, five shot gun rounds, 3 9mm rounds and two .38 rounds.

All six suspects are in police custody and being processed now

Wagambie says this capture by police is a positive impact on his new strategy to implement foot beats and sector patrols around the city.


Julianna Waeda