Lae Police detain three suspects over murder of Unitech student

Lae Police have detained three suspects in connection to the murder which occurred at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology on Saturday night.

Graham Romanong a first year Unitech student from Southern Highlands Province was killed inside his room at the Taraka Campus.

“The three suspects have been detained in the (Lae) Police cells and Police CID have commenced process of Court files for formal arrest,” Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jnr said.

Police this morning stopped five PMV bus loads of Enga students along the Markham Highway at Nine- Mile while they were trying to travel by road to Enga Province.

“The five busloads of students were escorted back to Lae Police Station where the three suspects were positively identified by Police Intelligence personnel and an eye witness who was in the room when the young man was attacked,” Wagambie Jnr said.

“After the three suspects were positively identified and detained, I spoke to the Enga students of the reason they were all bought to Lae Central Station.

“Reason being to identify the suspects so that it could clear the other students, as it had come to a stage that there is lot of generalisation of all Enga students,” the Lae Police boss said.

He added that police later provided escort for the students along the Highland Highway after the identification of the suspects.


Charles Yapumi