Kwa: Benefit sharing must be included in Protected Area Bill

The management of Protected Areas (PAs) must include benefit sharing for the locals.

PNG Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa says the Protected Area Bill that is still being drafted, must focus on the development services that will benefit the people.

“The final PA Bill must have a benefit sharing provision that includes sustainable financing.”

Kwa said this while making reference to the Forestry Bill and Climate Change Bill that include benefit sharing.

He said the PA Bill must explain the benefits for the locals and landowners.

“Forget about sustainable development and let’s talk about what money that goes to bring development services to a community like water supply and proper road infrastructure.

“We need to focus on realities and the practicalities to tie them to the big concepts.”

Kwa added that the PA Bill must focus on what the local people want and what they will get out of a PA project.

Picture courtesy of

Quintina Naime