Kuman appeals to university students to return to class

University students throughout the country have been told to return to classes.

Gumine MP and Minister for Education Nick Kuman is calling on students to stop the boycott as they’ve lost three weeks of classes and the first semester will end next month.

He said students can resort to boycott when there are issues affecting their welfare or the quality of education provided at their tertiary institutions, but not political issues.

“It’s important that you don’t play other people’s agenda in trying to pursue something that you know there’s no end to it.

“Over many years we’ve seen students take national agendas in trying to pursue somebody else’s interest.

“If the Government closes the doors of the universities today, this opportunity will not become available to you again,” Kuman said.

He urged the student leaders to reconsider their position and allow the silent majority to go back to class.

“You want to play politics then go back to your provinces and stand for elections in 2017, and come back as leaders of Parliament and we can play politics on the floor of Parliament.

“We are not going to play politics with the students of this country,” he added.

Kuman appealed to all the students, both the students’ leaders and the silent majority who want to return to classes, to attend class.

Quintina Naime