Kua questions why police are protecting politicians

PNG National Party and Sinasina Yonguml MP Kerenga Kua has question the treatment by police to politician and certain leaders compared to ordinary citizens in the country.

He said police processes  now seem to evolve to a point where politicians are clearly protected and quarantined from the normal processes of suspected crimes, investigations, arrests, charges and prosecution.

“What is clear is the requirement by the Police Commissioner that approval be obtained by his rank and file officers from him before an elected member of parliament is investigated, arrested, charged and prosecuted.”

Kua said the effect of this is that, a wall is built around these politicians.

“They are given a privilege and protection which is not available to ordinary citizens. It is a known fact that because of that politicians have been lobbying directly with the Police Commissioner to avert due process.”

He added that the Vetting Committee created at the Serious Crimes Directorate at Konedobu to enforce and maintain this protection and special privilege has not been dismantled officially and still remains to this day.

He said there are a number of very serious questions to be answered.

“One is whether the Police Commissioner is doing all these to protect his own employment?

“Two is whether there are two laws, one for politicians and another for normal citizens?

“Three is whether the Police Commissioner is going too far in using his administrative powers to a point where he is now suppressing the exercise of normal police powers in a preferential manner, discriminating against ordinary citizens.

The former Attorney General has challenge the Police Minister Peter O’Neill, Attorney General Ano Pala and the Ombudsman Commission to file for a full Supreme Court Reference for interpretation on the full meaning of the Police Commissioner’s administrative powers under the Constitution.

Freddy Mou