Kombra urges school heads to start on time

The Acting Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra, has requested all provincial authorities to prepare their teams to be ready for the start of the school year which begins on Monday January 25 to February 5, 2016.

The purpose of the visits are to gather relevant information and provide appropriate advice to head teachers, principals and teachers in-charge of elementary, primary high and secondary schools, national high schools, FODE and vocational centres, teachers’ and technical colleges.

“Your presence in the schools, vocational and FODE Centres, technical and teachers colleges is vital because you will be required to collect essential information about individual schools, centres and colleges that you have been assigned to visit during the two weeks,” said Kombra. 

He explained that the information to be gathered is vital because it will be made available to the Department, provincial authorities and and partners in education about the successes and challenges of the start of the school year.

This is related to the teachers’ resumption, students’ enrolment, school environment, curriculum documents, equipment used in class and the school facilities.  At this stage, if situations are faced that require urgent interventions, they should be dealt with in the early part of Term One.     


The Acting Secretary urged  head teachers and managers of all public schools to co-operate with the provincial teams when they visit the schools, centres and colleges to ensure that relevant data is collected.



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