Kokopo sees growth in local economy

Kokopo district is all about empowering the people to be economically self-reliant and think business to help themselves.

One cannot miss the roadside markets along several feeder roads into Kokopo town and around Kokopo district.

So far the Kokopo District has about 20 roadside markets completed and operating so far. They are equipped with solar lights, with rest room facilities, and tanks providing water supply.

It is quite an ambitious plan to allow the informal markets to flourish, but Member for Kokopo Ereman ToBaining says it is one way of ensuring the ordinary seller keeps most, if not all, of their money instead of losing it over bus fares and market fees to travel and sell at the main market in Kokopo.

ToBaining, who is also the Governor for East New Britain Province, says today through their focus on economic empowerment, if one travels Kokopo, and feeder roads like to Malapau or to Navuraram, the roadside markets are visibly accessible. 

“We are building roadside markets purposely for empowering our people,” he says.

He states that this is in line with the provincial strategic plans 2011 – 2021 with the theme ‘Growing the local economy’.

Joshua Arlo