Kokopo police beat and stab man with screw driver

Another man has become a police victim in Kokopo on Thursday night.

Alphonse Gale, a resident of Kokopo was severely wounded and detained by police allegedly without good reason.

Gale told Loop PNG from Kokopo that he was taken to Kokopo police station at around 8pm on Thursday to answer some questions.

He said as soon as they arrived at the station, the police officers started beating him and kicking him  around on the head when he fell to the ground.

“Their supervisor (Sgt Makis) was standing and flashing a bright torch to my face while the police officers beat me."

“I couldn’t retaliate because there were many of them. As soon as I fell to the ground, one of the officer’s got a screwdriver and stabbed my right arm." 

“I was helpless and couldn’t do anything,” Gale told Loop PNG via phone.

He said after that they locked him in the police cell.

His wife found out the next morning.

A formal complaint will be submitted on Monday as soon as they get the medical report from the Vunapope Hospital.

Meanwhile ACP Islands, Anthon Billie told Loop PNG that police have no right to beat him and detain except to question him and make formal charges.

“No one is above the law. Even the police officers are not above the law. They are there to enforce the law and not to be above the law,” Billie told Loop PNG via mobile phone.

Billie said he was not aware of the incident but says the matter will be investigated and formal charges will be laid against the police officers if found guilty of abusing the law.

He is appealing to the people in East New Britain to report any abusive and violent actions of the police to authorities and not to be intimidated.

Freddy Mou