Kokoda suspects moved to Bomana

The two suspects arrested and charged for the attack of two tourists on the Kokoda track on Jan 11 this year will be moved to Bomana awaiting court.

Central Committal Court Police Prosecutor Ambros Gilio said warrants for their transfer from Police custody up to the Bomana Correction Service’s remand detainee cells have been done for the two to be moved.

The two men,  Poksi Jacob, 19 from Efogi and his co-accused, a 17-year-old whose name has been withheld, were flown into Port Moresby Jan 15 and charged last Wednesday (Jan 20).

Gilio said one of the two suspected is 17 years old and the court will have to decide whether to have him tried as an adult or have his case transferred to NCD Juvenile court when they appear in court.

They are expected to appear in Court in early February.  

They were charged with rape or sexual penetration, abduction, armed robbery and wounding.

Sally Pokiton