Koiaris: No need to panic about water

The current water level at the Sirinumu Dam is yet to reach the 1997 drought mark.

Sisi Namari who hails from Berebei Village in the Sirinumu area of the Koiari LLG said there is no need to panic as yet.

Namari said the water level had dropped because of the long drought but the water level is not bad like in 1997.

Noonex Ano, another local made the same remarks.

The dam water catchment area is the only source of drinking water for Port Moresby residents.

Also it is used by the owner, PNG Power, to generate hydro-electricity for its consumers also.  

PNG Power (PPL) acting chief executive officer John Yanis told Loop PNG that the current water level at Sirinumu Dam stands at 116.78 million cubic metres (MCM). 

When the media visited the dam area 46 days ago the water measurement was at 139 million cubic metres.

The total capacity for the dam catchment area is 340 MCM.

Meanwhile, water rationing has already started by Eda Ranu to save water till the current El-Nino weather pattern changes.

And electricity supplier “PPL has reduced (electricity) generation at Rouna Hydro,” Yanis said.  

Charles Yapumi