Kiunga Hospital undergoing changes

The Kiunga Hospital in Western Province is continuously undergoing changes, thanks to the Ok Tedi Development Foundation.

OTDF continues to assist the hospital as part of its contribution to community health development.

In 2016 alone, OTDF donated two computers to the hospital administration, recently installed new lighting for the hospital walkways and renovated the public toilet in the hospital car park area.

Contractors – Kiunga Electrical, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Services, and Ama Sa West – were engaged by OTDF to carry out the lighting and toilet works respectively.

OTDF asset maintenance coordinator Cyril Mayum said these projects cost OTDF approximately K47,000, which is inclusive of labour and all materials.

Works began in early October and were completed by mid-November.

Mayum noted that both projects were done according to their scope and in accordance with OTDF safety standards.

“There were nil safety incidents during the project duration. Our focus is on playing our part in safely managing projects, delivering value for money and achieving ‘Zero Harm’ to all involved,” Mayum said.

Kiunga Hospital Administrator Graeme Hill said: “The assistance from OTDF in funding projects at Kiunga hospital is most appreciated, especially the improved lighting along the hospital corridors and completion of the public toilets.  

“Our sincere thanks to OTDF for their support in these hospital support projects.”

Kiunga Hospital serves people from the North, Middle and South Fly regions of Western Province.

(Hospital walkways lit up at night)

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