Kange seeks bail for safety

A plea for safety at Bomana prison has seen lawyer, reserve policeman and businessman Felix Kange go back to the Supreme Court today with another bail application.

Kange has been remanded at Bomana since September and is now pleading that he is at risk of being attacked by other prisoners.

He went before a three-man Supreme Court bench today with his lawyer from Young and Williams, Greg Sheppard.

A decision on that bail application has been reserved to a later date.

Sheppard told the court that threats have been issued against Kange by other remandees at Bomana which Correction service officers are aware.

However, he could not provide evidence or statements if those responsible for issuing threats have been identified by prison officers.

He said bail is the discretion of the court and despite a firearm being used in the alleged killing offense; bail was refused by the National Court.

While the court raised the issue of chances of interference with witnesses when on bail, Sheppard said the only way interference can be reduced is by an order of the court outlining strict conditions and not from further incarceration.

He said in absence of a court order, interference can still be made through the use of internet and other mediums.

This is Kange’s second bail application before the Supreme Court.

Last month, a three-man Supreme Court bench was not satisfied that Kange established a case that his continued detention was unjustified.

He has been in custody since June 2 when he was arrested and charged over the alleged murder of his wife, the late Regina Morove, at his family home at Garden Hills on the night of May 14.

His case at the Committal Court is still ongoing and a ruling on the sufficiency of evidence in the District Court is expected next week.

Sally Pokiton