Kange refused bail

​The National Court has refused bail 'in the interest of justice' against the man who allegedly shot his wife, the late Regina Morove.

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, in his ruling, refused the bail application sought by Felix Kange.

"A pistol is a dangerous weapon and people who are in possession must take precaution.

"I will exercise court’s discretion, and the interest of justice does not require that this court grant bail," Sir Gibbs said.

The judge said Kange's statement in the police brief facts shows 'carelessness' on his part when he pulled the trigger in a room with other people in it.

He said grounds relied on such as his business, family and health are natural consequences when an accused is in custody.

Sir Gibbs told the court that Kange's employees and children have nothing to do with the case but will "no doubt suffer".

He said his case is no different to that of Dr Theo Yasause and Justin Parker, who have been refused bail by the Court.

Dr Yasause, a former chief of staff to then prime minister Michael Somare, was charged with murdering a PNG rugby league legend in 2011.

Parker, who is a businessman, was accused for the wilful murder of his chief engineer, the late Lapan Nason, last year. He went before the court twice, seeking bail, but was refused. 

Yesterday Kange's lawyer asked for bail for Kange to come out and continue running his businesses and also to look after his six-month-old child and other children.

His lawyer also submitted that Kange has a medical problem with his bowel.

Kange was supposed to appeal at the Committal Court this morning but that was out as of today pending the bail decision at the National Court.

It is alleged Kange "accidently" pulled the trigger to his licenced gun on the night of May 14, killing his wife, the late Regina Morove.


Sally Pokiton