Kandep DDA must pay for torched classroom: Sir Peter

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas wants the Kandep District Development Authority to meet the cost of rebuilding the fire destroyed classroom at Wabag Primary School in the provincial capital.

“I also made a call for the National Government to divert district funds from Kandep to pay for this classroom, because this are innocent kids deprive of their education because the classroom was burnt down because counting was supposed to be held there,” Sir Peter said.

He claimed the burning of the classroom is a direct result of the school hosting the Supreme Court ordered recount of the 2012 National Election ballot papers.     

“Supporters who want to delay the counting burnt down the classroom,” Sir Peter alleged.

The incident happened last week before the start of counting and local Police are investigating the matter.

The recount today heads into elimination and the provincial governor appealed to his people to let the process complete with any disruptions.

“The recount was direct result of candidate Alfred Manase challenging Honourable Don Poyle’s win; it got nothing to do with me or Enga Provincial Government.

“I appeal to the people of Kandep and Wabag, my own district not to take sides, there is no need. This is not an election time this is a recount,” Sir Peter said.


Charles Yapumi