K80 million to be paid to CMCA communities

Over K80 million will have been paid out by Ok Tedi Mining Limited this year to mine affected communities.

This is part of Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) Extension Agreements and various compensation and benefit sharing agreements between comminutes, landowners and OTML.

According to the Mining and Petroleum Review (Vol. 4, Issue 3), over K40 million was paid to CMCA communities in August, while K9 million was paid to the Mine Village Development Funds, land lease and general compensation payments in September.

Earlier in the year (April) K15 million was paid out under the Ok Tedi Restated Eight Supplementary Agreement General Compensation to the communities.

Apart from these cash payments were also made to more than 18,000 family accounts covering a population of 127,000 people in August.

OTML says the cash disbursements, and the development, investment, women and children funds are managed by Delloite.

The Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) is responsible for the delivery of trusts approved projects and programs.

Picture credit: Ok Tedi Mining Limited

Cedric Patjole