K75.6 million TFF to be paid out this week

A part payment of K75.6 million Tuition Free Fees (TFF) under the free education policy will be paid out to schools throughout the country by this Friday.

This is the half payment for term two in this academic year.

Education Minister Nick Kuman said the first term of the Government’s obligation of K150 million has been fully met.

“I don’t see any reason why schools should close their doors to students due to TFF payments.

“We’re a bit too slow in our TFF disbursement due to the cash flow situation in the country however, we are committed to delivering the TFF to the schools.

“We will ensure that the funds will be paid,” Kuman said.

He said they will pay out the rest of the funds for term two before the term ends.

Meantime, K50 million for the fourth term of the 2015 academic year was paid out at the beginning of term one this year.

Kuman said they delayed the final payment for 2015 due to the cash flow situation where they had to hold back the payment.

By the end of term two, the Government would have paid out K300, 000 million in TTF to schools throughout the country.

Quintina Naime