Juffa blames government for drop in education level

Oro Governor Garry Juffa has blamed the past and present governments for letting the education sector to deteriorate.

Juffa made the comments in regards to thousands of school children doing their examinations this week. 

“What opportunities are offered for the thousands of Grade 10s who are sitting for their lower secondary school certificate examination this week?” Juffa asked.

He told Loop PNG that the past and present governments have to be blamed for letting the education sector to deteriorate to a level where it now ranks among the lowest in the region.

“The future of Papua New Guinea is very blink, it’s a dark future, because all our jobs, business opportunities seem to be mortgage off shore, by self-fish politicians (and) by an uncaring government that does not seem to protect them and promote PNG interest,” he said.

A total of 63,535 Grade 10 students will complete their examination on Friday. 

Charles Yapumi