Joint Services College requires funding

​The Joint Service College (JSC) at Igam Barracks Academy will need funds to train cadet officers.

During the opening of the reintroduced JSC, PNG Defence Force Commander Brigadier-General Gilbert Toropo said they will need separate funding to operate the JSC.

He said the college is in dire need of financial, logistical and infrastructure support to see the JSC in operations and asked the Government to support them.

"To train the army, police and prison guard commissioned officers will require a separate budget.

"The infrastructure would include the refurbishment of Igam Barracks, which was built during the colonial administration with little transformation."

But the Government's stand is still clear that it will support JSC whenever necessary.

This message was relayed on behalf of the  Prime Minister by the Defence Minister Dr. Fabian Fok.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner, Gari Baki made a committed of K1 million to support the program.

He said police will source the JSC through the modernization program as the course is to educate young officers who will instill discipline and accountability purposes and they (police) are part of it.

Bustin Anzu