Jiwaka to pulp it up

The introduction of a new coffee pulper machine will boost coffee production and quality in Jiwaka Province.

The machine was introduced to smallholder coffee farmers in Bung Village of North Wahgi recently.

Long-time coffee farmer and businessman, John Munull who owns Kosem Coffee Limited in Banz was a delighted man at the official launching witnessed by some 500 villagers.

Munull successfully sourced funding for the installation of the pulper machine valued over K50,000.

The new technology will pulp large quantity of coffee beans all at once, maintaining quality standard which have been a concern for the industry for some years.

The machine is the first one to be installed by Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) through PPAP, a World Bank and International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) funded initiative to rehabilitate coffee production in the country.

CIC General Manager for Industry Operations Division, Steven Tumae urged the locals to take ownership and look after the machine.

Project Manager of PPAP, Potaisa Hombunaka challenged the coffee growers to change their mindset and operate as a business.

“The key point is business. This is how you should operate this new technology so you can continue to service it and not come running to CIC or government or whoever for money to fix it.”

He also urged the growers to save the monies they earn from coffee to improve their livelihood and that of their children.

Charles Yapumi