Ipatas warns against early campaigning

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has cautioned leaders in the province against causing law and order problems with early campaigns.

“I want to warn those who are desperate in carrying out early campaigns in the province that the people of Enga want delivery of service and projects more than sweet talks,” Sir Peter Ipatas said.

Enga is a progressive province that does not need any aliens to come ‘from nowhere’ and talk about reviving it, said the Governor.

He also took a swipe at the political rally organised by the Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party and its founder, Opposition Leader and Kandep Open MP, Don Polye. The gathering took place early this month.

“I am committing resources to restoring (reviving) Kandep after the district turned into a ‘war zone’.

“Kandep needs attention from leaders more than Enga province.”

Sir Peter said leaders should refrain from talking about things they know nothing about, particularly after not delivering a single project in their electorate.

“What have they done for the people of Kandep, Enga and the country? If they markedly wasted time, they are making a laughing stock of themselves by telling the people that they will do something after election,” Sir Peter said.

Philip Kepson