Influx of ‘ojarks’ not a problem as yet: Sandaun police boss

The influx of motorised scooters has not developed into a traffic problem as yet in Vanimo town, says Sandaun Provincial Police Commander Robert Gesa.

Locally called ojarks, it is brought into the border township both legally and illegally from the West Papua Province of Indonesia.

PPC Gesa told Loop PNG in Vanimo that the local police are investigating the very suspicious entry and registration of many of the motorised scooters.       

He said ojarks started increasing in the middle of last year.

So far, only two accidents had occurred.

“First one happened at Wutung when a cyclist, not wearing a helmet, went off the road, resulting in his death.

“And last month, we had the worst fatal accident involving motorcycle when the motorcyclist ran straight into a speeding vehicle at Dapu Community School and was killed instantly,” PPC Gesa said.

Charles Yapumi